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The 2013 Nutcracker Market Spokesperson

At first, Clodine Desrochers’ studies drove her to become a high school history teacher. In the end, her skills in communications finally led her into the field of electronic media.

During 3 years, Clodine Desrochers was the Miss Meteo in “Salut, Bonjour!”. Curious and versatile, she was also a reporter in different TV shows. In the fall of 1999, she started hosting Via TVA, the very first show of the national TVA Network. Via TVA was looking to spread awareness of the French communities in all corners of the country.

At the same time, she became the star of the new TVA show “Les saisons de Clodine”, a daily morning lifestyle talk show. The show became “Tout Simplement Clodine” a few years later, focusing on cooking more than general lifestyle. This adventure lasted 13 years throughout which Clodine developed a real love story with her audience.

In 2003-2004, Clodine released two children’s music albums that sold for more than 25,000 copies each. Her album “J’allume une Étoile” was nominated at the Gala Adisq and during the next 5 years, Clodine became a spokesperson for the renowned “Salon Maternité, Patnernité, Enfants”.

Clodine recently took some time off before coming back with a bang in fall 2013 as the host of a new daily TV show called “Quelle Histoire”, aired on ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

Clodine shines through her simplicity, her contagious joy and her professionalism. Those qualities make her a beloved role model by a community of fans of all ages and nationalities. Throughout her carrier, her success was widely acknowledged; she was nominated 15 times at Gala Artis, and received two trophies for Best daily TV show host.