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Épicéa is a company located in Quebec’s Lac-Saint-Jean region, on the edge of the boreal forest and whose mission is to let all epicureans at heart discover the refined taste of the spices that grow wild in the Canadian Shield. Whether in the form of dressing or jelly, you will find that this great forest contains fragrances and flavors unsuspected, both exquisite and surprising. Discover Épicéa’s fine products and amaze your guests this holiday!

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Cassis Monna & filles

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The Monna family has mastered the art of transforming black currants - harvested on Île d’Orléans - into products of the highest quality, including their famous crème de cassis. Syrup, vinaigrette, mustard, jams, jellies and an array of pleasures will charm you without a doubt!

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