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Marché Casse-Noisette | Domaine Labranche

Domaine Labranche

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Domaine LABRANCHE, Sugar shack – Apple orchard – Winery, invites you to try its unique line of maple wines and fire cider. A winner of over 15 gold medals, this is one of the few Quebec producers to have its products available at the SAQ. New products for refined palates.

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Marché Casse-Noisette | Souvenir Essentiel

Souvenir Essentiel

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The owners of Essential Souvenir love Quebec so much that they created a 100% local and ready-to-offer box with four gourmet flavors: the indispensable maple syrup, the timeless apple butter and the iconic small fruits, blueberries and cranberries spreads. Taste a bit of what our province has to offer with this perfect gift!

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Domaine du Kildare | Boisson alcoolique à l'érable

Domaine Kildare

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Alcoholic beverages flavoured with cream and maple syrup, 14% alcohol, to serve with dark chocolate, blue cheese, fish, pâté or dessert! Maple from the glass to the plate!

La Désirable, creamy liqueur perfect as a cocktail with crème de cassis or to accompany fruit salads. Winner of the Gold Medal, La Coupe des Nations (500 ml, 14% alcohol)

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